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English Sinfonia’s home base is Hertfordshire, thereby enabling it to take full advantage of its proximity to London and the availability of many of the best freelance musicians nationally, plus the commercial advantage of being centrally located.

In 2005 the distinguished violinst Janice Graham was appointed Artistic Director; Janice had formerly been Leader of English Sinfonia since 1995, having also held top positions with the London Symphony Orchestra, and a frequent guest of all the major UK orchestras.

In demand as a performer, Janice also holds positions as Professor at the Royal College of Music, is a Governor of the Purcell School in Hertfordshire, and a regular jury member of BBCTV’s Young Musican of the Year.

A new and exciting artistic team is growing at English Sinfonia alongside Janice Graham; Tim Steiner has been appointed Artist in Residence from late 2005. Tim enjoys an enviable reputation as one of the UK’s most respected leaders in the field of musical training, development, and workshop direction.

His skills will enhance a developing national recognition of the work English Sinfonia already delivers in this field.

English Sinfonia was recently awarded a substantial grant to work with the University of Hertfordshire’s electro-acoutsic music department to develop innovative educational workshops featuring the latest technological developments, webcasting, and also an interactive website which will position the orchestra at the head of this area of work nationally.

2006 sees English Sinfonia celebrate its 45th anniversary; during this season the orchestra will develop its growing London concert profile, record for Naxos and other international labels, feature in Lesley Garrett’s UK Tour (classical music’s most popular artist), and continue to deliver performances which reflect the unique collection of like-minded dynamic musicians.

English Sinfonia is committed to music education as an integral and important part of its work. We run participatory music workshops, and other activities such as Family Fun Concerts and orchestral coaching sessions, to offer music-making and listening opportunities to a wide range of different people. We work with primary school and secondary school groups and also want to expand our work to include more after-school and holiday clubs, youth groups and community organisations.


Please click on a link on the menu bar on the left to see more detail about recent workshops with groups from under fives to adults. Our members really enjoy the opportunity of working as professional musicians with community groups the range of which is expanding all the time thanks to additional funding for this area of our work secured by the orchestra. We work in partnership with these groups and their funding bodies to create musical activities tailored to the needs of the group. We also engage freelance music workshop leaders who work with small groups of our musicians and participants. We take music to people in places where access to live music may be difficult such as residential care homes and sheltered accommodation.

Nicolae Moldoveanu has been the orchestra's Principal Conductor since 1998, extending the line of distinguished conductors who have held positions with the orchestra since its foundation in 1961 by Neville Dilkes. These have included Steuart Bedford, Sir Charles Groves, Sir Alexander Gibson and Bramwell Tovey.

The quality of English Sinfonia's concert programme is much acclaimed and it is fortunate to have an excellent core of players led by Janice Graham. As a chamber orchestra, it is able to perform repertoire from the baroque to the contemporary in a style and manner true to the sound of the original composition. Recent and forthcoming soloists include Lesley Garrett, Evelyn Glennie, Guy Johnston, John Lill, Tasmin Little, Howard Shelley and John Wallace.

World renowned orchestras

There are many types of art today. One of the most famous and best known are music, literature, fine arts and film. And the one of them that can make everyone feel something that they never felt before is music. I cannot imagine a world without music. It doesn't matter if it's classical, pop, jazz or rock music, you can always hear the emotions composed in those notes and lyrics.

The classical music is in the background for the biggest part of the world's population today. But there are still some certain groups of people that enjoy the original and unchanged sound of instruments. Orchestras all around the world play that kind of music almost every day and some are quite famous for that. Let's take a look at our list of the world's most famous and renowned orchestras.

It always comes back to Vienna

The Vienna Philharmonic is one of the most famous orchestras in the world. They have one of the world's best concert halls. They also take the audition process for their musicians very seriously. It is really hard to become a part of the Vienna Philharmonic, but once you manage it, you are becoming a part of the music history. It is not hard to understand why this orchestra is to highly regarded and well known. We have to add that the waiting list for the weekly and weekend subscription tickets are six and thirteen years, respectively.

You must have heard of the Big Five. They are the five well-known symphony orchestras in the United States. That are: The New York Philharmonic (1842), Boston Symphony Orchestra (1881), Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1891), Philadelphia Orchestra (1900) and Cleveland Orchestra (1918). They are always among the top 20 orchestras in the world and are famous for their musical excellence. If you ever have a chance, go without thinking twice, you won't be disappointed.

Many people don't know this, but almost everyone in Europe and the United States of America, and everyone in the United Kingdom has listened at least 8 times to the London Symphony Orchestra. We will give you a little time to think about this. The London Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1904. It has, besides the Paris and Vienna orchestras, one of the best halls in Europe and the World. The English sinfonia gives always a great introduction to every opera, cantata or suite. You can enjoy the music in the London Symphony Orchestra with any escort from here. And now comes the big reveal. How did you hear the London Symphony Orchestra if you have never been to London or even the United Kingdom? This is why: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Braveheart, The Queen and many others. Still don't get it? Well, they played the original music scores for this movies. Why 8 times? There are 8 Harry Potter movies, and who is not a fan of these amazing movies? We are, and we certainly enjoyed the London Symphony Orchestra.

If you ever visit any of these cities, feel free to go and listen to these orchestras. Except Vienna, in that case you will have to wait for six to thirteen years.